Q: What is the Watchlist?

A: The Watchlist the 50 most promising pre-seed through growth-stage Ohio startup companies of 2018.


Q: How is the Watchlist created?

A: Nominations are sourced from the community at large. Once nominated, nominees are asked to accept their nomination and complete a simple form for judges to review. After the final submission date, all nominations are aggregated into a simple spreadsheet and distributed to our judges to review and rank. Judges include the VentureOhio board of directors as well as over 25 venture capitalists, angel investors, tech reporters and scientists.


Q: What happens if we make the list?

A: Congratulations! Nominees are invited to attend the 2018 Startup Showcase followed by the 2018 VentureDinner on September 13 in Columbus, OH.


Q: How much does this cost?

A: Nothing! Thanks to generous sponsorship from RSM, each Watchlist company will receive two complimentary tickets to the Startup Showcase and VentureDinner.


Q: What if we want to bring the entire team to celebrate?

A: Many startup companies opt to purchase a table and bring the entire team for a fun evening of celebration and networking. We offer deeply discounted tables to startup companies – just reach out to falon@ventureohio.org


Q: So, who’s going to be at the Startup Showcase and VentureDinner?

A: The event will bring together 700 venture capitalists, angel investors, community leaders, politicians and the other 49 top startup companies in Ohio.


Q: I’ve heard of the VentureDinner, but what is the Startup Showcase?

A: The Startup Showcase is a brand new event for 2018. This 1.5-hour event at COSI allows Ohio’s top 50 startup companies to meet investors from across the nation before heading upstairs for the VentureDinner. Each startup company will be provided with a simple cab table to hang out at and meet investors who are looking for great opportunities to invest in the Next Big Thing.


Q: How many investors attend and what stages to they represent?

A: Hundreds of angels and institutional investors will be in attendance seeking pre-seed to private equity opportunities.


Q: Wow that is a lot of people to meet in less than two hours – can we get their information in advance?

A: Yes! All attendees are invited to upload information about yourself and your company via our event app to start connecting with other attendees in advance of the event.


Q: Can we be included on the Watchlist AND be considered for a VentureOhio Startup of the Year award?

A: Yes! We use one nomination form to determine both Watchlist and Startup of the Year nominees.


Q: We are still pre-seed, do we qualify for Startup of the Year and The Watchlist?

A: Pre-seed companies are absolutely eligible for the Watchlist, but may not qualify for Startup of the Year. Please select seed stage via the drop down menu when applying.


Q: Where is the Watchlist published and who will see it?

A: The Watchist will be published on the VentureOhio website and distributed to our partners and the press via email and social media.


Q: Will confidential company information be published?

A: No. The Watchlist will publish very basic information about your company, however, all information submitted through your application will be visible to VentureOhio judges and the VentureOhio board of directors.


Q: Can I nominate myself?

A: You can and you should.


Q: What if my question wasn’t listed?

A: Please reach out to falon@ventureohio.org


Thank you to our community, our members, our distinguished judges, our board of directors and especially to YOU, the entrepreneurs for making things happen for Ohio. We can’t wait to celebrate with you in September!