Ohio is a diverse, innovative and entrepreneurial state with a unique and powerful story to tell. The beautiful landscape of America’s heartland, juxtaposed with vibrant culture in every major city, make this state a great place to work, play, raise a family and grow a business.

Ohio is the seventh most populous state in the U.S., boasts the 25th largest economy in the world and is home to over 200 higher education institutions that graduate a diverse and talented workforce every year. And with access to major hubs, Ohio is a prime place to manufacture – nearly 50% of the U.S. population is within 500 miles of its center, and you can export your product to almost anywhere in a day.

Despite all of this, it often gets overlooked as a flyover state. But Ohio is truly an amazing place to live – and while we frequently attribute its appeal to being less expensive, Ohio has much more value to offer than mere affordability. As a state, we need to shift the way we speak about Ohio to focus more on all of these details and the amazing things to do here – we’re home to nine major league pro sports teams, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, nationally renowned restaurants and a vibrant culture.

It’s time for outsiders to change the way they think about Ohio, and that requires us as Ohioans to stop selling our state (and ourselves) short. Stop talking about how “cheap” it is to live, work, play and build in Ohio and start talking about the culture, beauty and excitement that surrounds us.