DoMedia raised another $2.9 million for its online marketplace that changes the way out of home media is bought and sold.

Genetesis recently won funding in a national pitch competition in Silicon Valley, receiving kudos from investor Mark Cuban. The company’s medical imaging device for heart complications has won social innovation awards for its technology and impact.

Office cyber security software Wiretap raised $1.85 million, totaling its three-month raise to $4.85 million less than a year after the software was launched.

Updox, the industry leader in care coordination and healthcare connectivity solutions, recently raised $12.7 million from Rev1 Ventures and Triple Tree Capital Partners. Updox is helping more than 40,000 physicians and 60 million patients communicate more effectively through the Updox messaging platform.

After completing an accelerator program in Silicon Valley, Cladwell recently raised $1 million. Cladwell is a styling app that allows users to simply curate and organize their closets for everyday life.

Priorauthnow, a startup focused on automating the prior authorization process for medical tests and procedures, raised an additional $1.7 million.  

DocHalo recently raised $11 million in Series A funding led by Bain Capital Ventures. The funding will enable DocHalo to grow its award-winning healthcare communication technology.