Meet Steve White – Founder & CEO of Clarivoy

Steve is the Founder and CEO of Clarivoy, a Columbus, Ohio-based marketing technology company specializing in unified, unbiased business intelligence. Steve received his BS from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. In 2014, Steve was named Ernst & Young 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year in the Central Ohio region.


Is this your first ventue?

No, this is my third. The first time, the idea failed, and the second time I needed to make more money. And I learned two important lessons from these: don’t be afraid to charge people full price for what you’re offering. And believe in your product – and don’t be afraid to make money on it.


What is the most important lesson you learned from success?

Hire people that are smarter than you and have complementary skills. You usually don’t need two of you – you need complementary partners and employees.


Why did you choose to scale your business in Ohio?

I ask myself that every winter! But seriously, Ohio really has a fertile business environment for startups. There is a lot of support and many influential people are creating momentum in the startup community.


What is the most difficult part about doing business in Ohio?

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, the valuations (for a company) are not what I would like them to be. In other places, like Silicon Valley, there are more people willing to take risks on companies. I really believe that if we want Ohio’s economy to flourish and consistently create innovate ideas, local companies need to create a line-item in their budgets for supporting startups.


What is one thing that someone reading this blog could do to help your company?

Our solutions reveal more about your customers, your advertising and your path to success so you can accelerate sales and amplify results. We would appreciate anyone who knows an auto dealer that could benefit from our company to make an introduction.