Meet Ryan Eder – Founder & CEO at IncludeFitness

Ryan is the Founder and CEO of IncludeFitness, a digital health company that provides fitness and rehabilitation technology to lower barriers for consumers and optimize delivery for providers. Ryan received his BS in Industrial Design from The University of Cincinnati. In 2015, Ryan received the Ernst & Young E.D.G.E award, which celebrates entrepreneurs delivering, growing, and executing.

Is this your first venture?
Technically, yes. Although we’ve gone through some pretty major inflection points throughout our 10 year journey that makes it feel like it’s my third.

What is the most important lesson you learned from failures?
There are always failures. They come in different forms and sizes, happen at different stages, and will continue to happen as we grow. The key for me is to learn from failure; failure provides critical lessons. The deepest learning opportunities come from failing and reassessing, and the more rewarding feeling is when you take a lesson, apply it to a new challenge, and succeed. That mindset has helped me lose the fear of failure; fear of failure can oftentimes hinder someone’s ability to grow. I want to always to continue to learn, evolve and apply past lessons to create future successes. Our story is really one of perseverance. We started in 2006, had some successes, had some learnings, but we pushed through and are now stronger because of them. I like to say they have ‘galvanized’ us.

What is the most important lesson you learned from successes?
It takes a village. There is a tremendous amount of people to be credited for our success, and it will continue to take more to get to where we want to be. I am perpetually extremely appreciative of everyone that has helped us pursue our goals. We pride ourselves in passion, authenticity, humility, and hard work. That has fostered powerful collaboration which, above anything else, is how we got here.

Why did you chose to scale your business in Ohio?
I grew up in Liberty Township, Ohio. Our company is based off my senior thesis while attending The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. Almost all of our support and funding has come from Ohio. Authenticity is big for me; I don’t just want to build IncludeFitness to be a successful company, I also want to give back to the state that fostered us. It’s important to help continue building this amazing ecosystem and support the next generations of Ohio-based companies.

Yes, there are some challenges with later-stage funding; there simply aren’t as many sources as there are in other areas. However, the network here is powerful with deep ties in outside sources and barriers to later-stage funding continue to be lowered.

What is one thing that someone reading this blog could do to help IncludeFitness succeed?
Our mission is to help others pursue and maintain personal health. We can’t help others if people aren’t aware of our technology. Please share what we are doing. I ask that anyone who knows an organization that can benefit from our platform to make an introduction. You’d be amazed how much of an impact that can make.