Meet Alex Bowman and Chris Ridenour – Co-Founders of Casamatic

Alex, co-founder and CEO, and Chris, co-founder and CTO, launched Casamatic, a Cincinnati-based tech startup that aims to match homebuyers with their perfect home.


Is this your first venture?

Alex: For me, yes, but Chris was the co-founder and founding CTO of LISNR.


Why did you chose to scale your business in Ohio?

Chris: The most obvious answer is Ohio is our home and where we want to live. Beyond that, I’ve always been a big believer that building a business in Cincinnati is better for your business – we even gave a talk on this at Ignite Cincinnati (it’s on YouTube). It comes down to our strengths in universities, cost of living and our “something to prove” community!


What is the most difficult part about doing business in Ohio?

Chris: Being a successful innovator is all about finding people beside yourself that get excited about the idea and want to do everything they can to help you succeed. This comes in all forms – mentorship, talent and investment being the most important to an early-stage startup. Since the tech startup communities in Ohio are relatively young, it can be difficult to find people that have tons of experience under their belt, but it’s getting better.


What is the most important lesson you learned from success and failure?

Alex: Success at a startup isn’t really just one thing – we have to look at wins along the way as “successes.” I think that’s what we’ve learned: celebrate the major milestones and build a team that thrives on them.


I don’t think we’ve ever truly failed with anything we’ve done at Casamatic. We’ve changed course quite a few times, especially early on. I wouldn’t call them failures, though – they’re learning opportunities. Everything is an opportunity to learn. With everything that we’ve done that didn’t go the way we expected, we gained invaluable insights from consumer behavior, feedback, etc. along the way that helped define what our next steps were, which ended up working. It’s never a total loss.


What is one thing that someone reading this blog could do to help your company?

Alex: Sign up at if they’re looking for a home, or, if they already bought one and loved their real estate agent, tell them about it!